Wonder material Graphene arrives with SolidGRAPHEN Shower Tray

Graphene’s potential to revolutionise the way we manufacture building and interior products is finally being realised, with a new product by Core Graphene which gives architects and designers the scope to use the ground-breaking material within luxury bathrooms. The company has launched the SolidGRAPHEN shower tray to the UK market, the first shower tray featuring graphene. This highly-anticipated nanotechnology material offers extensive natural benefits from its inherent strength and non-flammability to its 100% recyclability.

Launched earlier this year at Grand Designs LIVE at ExCel, London, SolidGRAPHEN shower trays are ideally suited to high quality, contemporary bathrooms within luxury hotels, as well as in high-end residential properties. Featuring a beautiful natural slate texture, the shower trays come in two styles – Halios (square grate) or Nyord (rectangular grate) – in ten sizes, and three standard colours; white, graphite and black, all stocked in the UK. Additional colours are available for special order.

The durability and usability benefits of SolidGRAPHEN match its impressive aesthetic credentials. The shower trays are incredibly strong and non-deformable, with each tray capable of taking distributed loads of over 600kg without bending or breaking. They are also highly slip-resistant – being R13-rated (highest slip-resistance rating available) – and fireproof unlike conventional resin trays. Being 100% waterproof, SolidGRAPHEN shower trays are also water-repelling and bactericidal, with graphene helping to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria.

Completing its all-round appeal to specifiers and interior designers, SolidGRAPHEN shower trays represent a highly sustainable choice. The product is 100% recyclable with Cradle to Cradle Silver certification, and is manufactured from natural mineral fillers that are free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to ensure they are non-toxic or detrimental to health. The product’s manufacturing process is also optimised for water saving, using a responsible closed-loop system that enables reuse, and the final SolidGRAPHEN product has low embodied energy thanks to a raw materials sourcing strategy that minimises transport emissions.

The SolidGRAPHEN shower tray is supplied complete with a McAlpine waste trap specially created to accommodate the UK-compliant 50mm water seal, and can be installed as a shower enclosure or wet room for level access or above the floor with any tanking system.

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