What is the Graphenano Group?

Graphenano was created in 2012 by a small group of friends who decided to work on a project to bring nanotechnology to everyone’s home. To do so, they started off by working with the Department of chemical engineering at the University of Castilla La Mancha. This is where Dr. José Luis Valverde and Dr. Amaya Romero developed nanomanufacturing processes (based on graphene) that would be affordable and scalable enough to make its industrialization profitable.


In the beginning, we sold graphene to external firms, but we then realized that it would be necessary to incorporate a team of onsite engineers to help these companies develop different graphene-based applications.


In this way, Graphenano expanded to comprise over ten companies, developing different applications of graphene in various sectors.

Can I buy graphene from Graphenano?

Graphenano does not sell graphene to the public.


Graphenano supplies different types of graphene (graphene oxide, sheets of different layers, different structures such as nanofibers, nanospheres or nanotubes, etc.) to subsidiary companies of the same group.


Graphenano does not sell graphene or other nanomaterials to third-party companies with which they do not have a previously signed joint venture agreement.


That being said, Graphenano does collaborate with various research departments in various Spanish universities, providing them with graphene when needed. There are currently more than ten universities working on various applications of graphene.

What does Graphenano sell?

The Graphenano Group’s subsidiaries sell graphene-based products. Graphenano Smart Materials construction materials, Graphenano Composites resin composites, Graphenano Dental dental prosthesis, as well as other divisions that will market their graphene-based developments once they get certified.

Where is Graphenano located?

Graphenano is headquartered in Yecla, Murcia, (C/Pablo Casals, no. 13) and has offices in Madrid (C/Río Bullaque, nº 2, 1ºc).


We currently manufacture graphene and other material nanotechnologies in our factory located in Yecla and in our laboratories based in Ciudad Real and Valencia.

Can I visit the graphene manufacturing plant?

The Yecla graphene manufacturing plant is not open to the public and only employees are allowed access.


Graphenano has developed manufacturing systems and graphene-based materials that are patented or patent-pending. As such, the manufacturing plant and the R&D facilities are not open to visits.


Our friends at the Department of communication will gladly send you information about Graphenano and about the materials being developed for presentations in high schools and colleges.

How can I work at Graphenano?

Graphenano is partnering with the Murcia Public Employment Service to carry out the recruitment and selection hiring process.


If you wish to become part of any of the Group Graphenano companies, you can send your application and resume by using the form available in the Contact section of this website, by clicking on this link, or by using the contact form in the subsidiary website that you are interested in.


Your resume will be processed privately. All data provided will be protected according to the Spanish law Ley de Protección de Datos (Ley 15/99).

Can I submit my research and projects, or work as an intern in Graphenano?

If you have a project that you think Graphenano might be interested in, you can email your request to info@graphenano.com along with as detailed a project explanation as possible, so that we can forward it to the most appropriate research department.


Due to the materials that we work with and our current day to day developments, Graphenano is not planning on hiring interns, unless this is done through one of the research groups at the universities with which we collaborate.

Is the Graphenano Group looking for investors?

We would like to thank investors interested in working with any of the companies of the Group Graphenano. However, none of our companies is currently seeking investors.