graphenano composites

Graphenano Composites has developed a new generation of graphene composites thanks to which the main mechanical properties of thermosetting commercial resins are increased, making its applications more efficient. Graphene increases strength and structural rigidity, reduces raw materials and lightens weight, while protecting against hydrolysis and bacteria and increasing the durability of composites.


This company has technological agreements with Gazechim and Omar Coatings for the manufacture of resin with graphene, and with Polymec for the production of pultrusion profiles.


Among the projects developed or being developed by Graphenano Composites are: the first boat with graphene in the world, fairings for motorcycles and chassis for cars with companies such as Spania GTA (GTA Spano), signage with Tecnivial, a cantilever for the headquarters of Gazechim, an induction system for the loading vehicles with Endesa, inspection lid for civil work, etc.

Areas of use




Construction: pultrusion, prefabricated houses

Planning and logistics

Defense and ballistics


And more