SolidGRAPHEN shower trays cross the Mediterranean

GRAPHENEcore adds three new countries to its distributor network: Italy, Malta and Cyprus.

Through Aristos Market, a Spanish company specializing in international intermediation between Europe and Asia, Graphenano’s subsidiary is opening new market with large bathroom and building materials distributors in these countries of the Mediterranean coast (Italy, Malta and Cyprus) in which first orders are already managed.

In Spain, Aristos Market and GRAPHENEcore are working together with several distributors in the Canary Islands, respecting the areas of operation of each one of them. Starting in September, the same will be done in other regions of the country, such as Madrid, Granada, Jaén, Murcia, Galicia or Barcelona.

Also, since September, SolidGRAPHEN shower trays can be purchased in France, Germany, Poland, Greece, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Recall that, since last year, SolidGRAPHEN shower trays have been marketed with great success in some European countries thanks to other GRAPHENEcore distribution networks. Through Graphenstore can be purchased in Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg; while Core Graphene and Independent 4 Life distribute them in England, Ireland and Wales.