G-CAM discs can now be purchased through our online shop

Graphenano Dental has opened an online store to market its products worldwide

Through its website, Graphenano Dental has created an online store, aimed at professionals in the dental sector, in which to buy G-CAM discs made with nano-reinforced biopolymer with graphene for use by CAD/CAM system.

In this store you can buy G-CAM discs in any of their available colours (9 colours according to the Vita Classical guide: A1, A2, A3, A3`5, B2, BL2, C2, transpa and pink), choose their format (monochroma or multichroma) and its thickness (from 14 to 26 mm)

G-CAM discs are a specific material for definitive dental prostheses, which provides a series of exceptional competitive advantages. The weight of these prostheses is the same as that of natural dentition and they show an increase in flexibility as well as in superficial hardness. Likewise, they allow for an equitable distribution of the masticatory load and the absorption of external occlusal loads, among many other advantages described in our website.

In addition to this online store, Graphenano Dental has official distributors in Italy and Mexico these being the companies Andromeda Nanotech and GF Dental (the division dedicated to the dental sector of Nanomex) respectively.