JS Dent Shop, a new exclusive distributor of Graphenano Dental in Czech Republic

Graphenano Dental has reached an agreement with JS Dent Shop, located in Brno, for the exclusive importation and distribution of G-CAM discs with graphene for the next 5 years in Czech Republic.

JS Dent Shop is a company with more than 25 years of experience. JS Dent Shop has its own dental laboratory, JS Lab, being one of the largest dental laboratories in Central Europe. JS Lab currently has an area of more than 300 m2, has more than 30 dental technicians and a specialized center with numerous dental milling machines.

If you are interested in buying our G-CAM discs through JS Dent Shop, please contact info@jsdent.cz or phone +420 727 865 486 .

Web: http://www.jsdentshop.cz