Graphenano presents Smart Additives, the first line of graphene-containing additives for concrete

Graphenano Smart Materials, the division of the Graphenano Group devoted to construction materials, has launched Smart Additives, its line of latest generation concrete additives, the first in the world incorporating graphene technology.

The Smart Additives product line achieves improvements in the concrete matrix, enhancing its mechanical performance and increasing its service life, resulting in Concrete 2.0, enabling more resistant and longer lasting constructions.

Smart Additives comprises 7 ranges of additives, depending on the concrete to be used and the properties required from it:

  • Solid MECHANIC, is conceived for use in concrete in plant or in ready-made concretes. The result is high performance concretes, with increased quality, resistance and surface finish.
  • Solid PRECAST, ideal for the prefabricated world. These additives improve the production process and quality, lowering costs and raising concrete efficiency to the maximum.
  • Solid HARD, appropriate for concretes exposed to extremely aggressive environments. The resulting concretes are highly durable and have low permeability.
  • Solid SUPPORT, supplements to adjust and modify Smart Additives product lines.
  • Solid DRY, suitable for manufacturing semi-dry concretes.
  • Solid GUNITE, especially for shotcrete production.
  • Solid FIBER, a line of fibers to replace or reduce rebar in wet concrete. Compatible with the entire Smart Additives range.


These Smart Additives products are now being used successfully in a number of projects both in Spain and abroad, in countries including Mexico, the United States and Morocco.

Graphene in construction with concrete

In the concrete sector, graphene is ideal as a structural material because it acts as a molecular mesh, providing buildings with structural support.

Graphene is a nano-material based on carbon that is stronger than steel and harder than diamonds, capable of bearing large loads and absorbing energy before it breaks. Hence, concretes containing this material have greater tensile strength and are more resistant to compression and wear. Furthermore, they are concretes that show great flexibility and ductility, delaying the appearance of cracks and fissures, making them ideal in earthquake zones and against other natural disasters. Constructions built using these concretes containing graphene additives can increase their service life by up to 50 years compared to those containing conventional materials.

Further information at: web de Graphenano Smart Materials.