Graphenano develops a graphene additive to treat leather

Graphene is the new “on the vogue” material. Even in the tanning field. Bearing this in mind, Graphenano Leather is currently doing its research in how to apply this material as a reinforcing agent to improve the mechanic performance in terms of tearing, ghashes, pulling force, abrasion resistance, besides increasing its damp-proof and antibacterial effect properties. By using this additive, the problem of strength loss in wet-white tanned leather comparing to those chromium-tanned ones is trying to be solved.

This additive is not suggested for tanning leathers, but to be used as a reinforcing agent during the tanning process instead. Graphenano Leather is working on finding out which is the suitable phase of the tanning process to incorporate these graphene nanoparticles: whether it is during tannig, retanning or the final stage of the leather.

This reinforcement agent with graphene is suitable for all types of leather for shoes, leather goods, dressmaking and upholstery. For all this, Graphenano Leather is already making tests with automotive and aeronautical companies, as well as with three of the most important Spanish shoe firms, with the goal of introducing its new graphene technology to their products.

Source: Lederpiel