Graphenano Dental is committed to Competitive Developement

Intedya Valencia has started the implementation of the ISO 13485 Health Product Quality Management System in Graphenano Dental. According to Jesús Martínez, its General Manager, obtaining ISO 13485 certification will be another step on the path that this company has been walking for more than seven years to revolutionize the dental sector.

Graphenano Dental is committing to the use of nanotechnology in the dental sector by creating biological use graphene polymers for drilling using CAD/CAM technology.

The first product that has begun to commercialize is G-CAM, a disc of graphene polymer indicated especially for permanent dental structures that solves all the mechanical, physicochemical and biological failures of the rest of the materials currently used in the sector. The graphene-doped resin awards the G-CAM disk a series of mechanical properties making it the ideal material for restorative dentistry.

Source: Intedya