Graphenano Dental sign with a new distributor for southern Spain

Surdental Suministros is the new distributor of the G-CAM disc in Andalucía and Extremadura

Last week Surdental Suministros reached an agreement with Graphenano Dental to become in the first Spanish distributor of our products with graphene to dental sector. Specifically, Surdental has exclusive distribution in the Andalucía and Extremadura regions.

In addition to online shop, Graphene nanoreinforced biopolymer G-CAM discs for CAD/CAM can also be purchased through our distributor network, which grows as does the demand of our products, and ensures a professional and personalized attention.

With Surdental there are three authorized distributors of Graphenano Dental, since it adds to we have already had on the international market: Andromeda Nanotech in Italy and GF Dental, Nanomex division, in Mexico.