The first super sport car of the world with graphene is Spanish

Two Spanish companies have joined forces with the aim of launching a unique product in the world. Spania GTA, manufacturer of the “most powerful and fastest” commercial super sport car built in Spain, has reached a collaboration agreement with Graphenano, a global leader in the manufacture of graphene. The result? The new GTA Spano, the first sport car in the world incorporating graphene in its manufacture, which will be unveiled at the 85th edition of the Geneva International Motor Show.

Although Spania GTA, based in Valencia, will uncover all the characteristics of the new car at the prestigious European fair, the company has told beforehand to INNOVATORS that this material has been used in “several components”. Thus, its chassis and body incorporate graphene, as well as carbon, titanium and kevlar. The Valencian company has taken advantage of “some advances already developed” by Graphenano, based in Alicante, but also have created “new advances” together.

The Geneva show will be the stage for the presentation of the new model Spania GTA, which “maintains its name and presents numerous changes with respect to its predecessor.” Of course, it maintains its exclusivity with a new model with a limited production of 99 units.

The new GTA Spano has its own new V10 Twin Turbo engine with 7,990 cm3, which allows it to reach a power of 925 hp and a torque of 1220 Nm. With an acceleration of 0 to 100 km / h in 2.9 seconds, it has a top speed of 370 km / h, says the Valencian company.

Source: El Mundo