graphenano smart materials

Graphenano Smart Materials is the world leader when it comes to graphene-based additives for advanced building materials, such as concretes and special cements.


When used as an additive, graphene improves the mechanical performance of materials in terms of strength, hardness, flexibility, impermeability and protection against external factors. It also improves the yield of the raw materials involved. All this in addition to other innovative properties, like thermal and electrical conductivity, and antibacterial qualities. The result: more durable, sustainable and environmentally friendly buildings.


Civil engineering (bridges, harbors, dams...)

Construction and urbanization

Road traffic, parking lots and highways


Maritime and underwater constructions


Prefabricated materials

Bathroom and kitchen furniture

Permeable concretes

Self-leveling concretes

Self-compacting concretes

Bituminous concretes

Concretes with detailed finishes and surface textures

Thermally insulated and soundproof concretes

Waterproof concretes

Thermally-conductive concretes for floors and heat-radiating coatings

Fireproof concretes

Cryogenic concretes

Antibacterial concretes