Graphenano presents in Paris its composites with graphene: more resistant than steel

The most innovative nano-material of recent times is going to be key in the future of composite materials. Graphene’s incredible mechanical properties make it an ideal material to include in composites (technologically advanced compound materials), improving their resistance and durability.

Graphenano Composites develops resins containing graphene for use in composite materials. The Spanish company is a subsidiary of Graphenano, the group that leads industrial-scale graphene production, and is based in Yecla.

The JEC World Composites trade fair, held in Paris, was the event chosen for the presentation of the first products in the world made with graphene composites.  They are pultrusion profiles with graphene. Pultrusion is a production process for moulding thermoset plastic materials to obtain reinforced plastic profiles.

Graphene improves the mechanical characteristics of conventional profiles whereby their weights are comparable but their resistance is substantially higher, surpassing even that of steel. Something inconceivable until graphene came along.

The pultrusion profiles with graphene are manufactured in Murcia at the Polymec facilities and they are marketed under the name CompoSmart.  These profiles are now on sale and indeed, they are already being used in some construction projects.

At the JEC World Composites in Paris, also on show was a section of a boat similar to the Graphenano One, which was presented last October in Alicante. It is the first boat built wholly using composite doped with graphene. Its advantages include: Higher resistance, greater lightness and therefore higher speed, greater fuel economy, savings in materials during construction and less environmental contamination.

Graphenano Composites is working with Gazechim, Europe’s leading composite distributer, to supply resins to which graphene additives are added in the Graphenano laboratories.

As this company based in Yecla comments, all the mechanical and physical data for Graphenano’s pultrusion profiles with graphene have been certified by the Spanish Plastic Technology Institute, AIMPLAS.

Source: El Periódico de Yecla